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What to Do When You Get a Flat Tire

When a tire blows out while you are traveling at a high speed, it may also result in an accident or collision, which may inflict additional damage to your car. Roughly one-third of roadside emergencies involve tires, according to AAA. Don’t panic if you discover you have a flat tire while driving on the highway, traveling slower on major roads, or navigating side streets.

Flat Tire? Here’s What to Do

Flat Tire Tips

  • Don’t panic
  • Do not slam on the breaks
  • Do not abruptly remove your foot from the accelerator
  • Hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands
  • Maintain your speed if possible and safe to do so
  • Once you have control, slowly reduce your speed by gradually releasing the accelerator
  • Correct steering as necessary to maintain control
  • If possible, look for a place to pull off of the road

Call for a Tow or Roadside Assistance

You can get assistance from the local towing company if you have a flat tire and are stranded on the road. Some towing companies provide emergency roadside assistance in addition to their standard towing services. A tow truck can securely tow you to a repair shop or your house if your car is damaged due to a wheel blowing out while you make an appointment by calling the repair shop. Towing companies that provide roadside assistance typically have the equipment and knowledge required to change a flat tire or temporarily fix the flat until you can get a new one. (Keywords: towing service lafayette indiana, tow truck lafayette indiana, roadside rescue lafayette indiana). 

Call Local Industry Towing Services for Roadside Assistance

The services provided by Local Industry Towing Services go beyond simple towing. Roadside emergencies can be handled by their technicians and trucks with the tools necessary to change a flat tire and perform minor repairs on it. Make an appointment with Local Industry Towing Services in West Lafayette, IN, right now for reliable roadside assistance available around-the-clock.

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